Support Staff

Guidance Counselor- Mrs. Glatz

Nurse- Mrs. Hornbacher

Reading Specialist- Mrs. Mossa

Speech- Ms. Houser

Special Education- Mrs. Whalen and Mrs. Flores    

S.T.A.T.- Mrs. Mintiens

Math Resource- Mrs. Lance

Para-educators- Ms. Knowles and Mrs. Weiser

Additional Assistants- Mrs. Samia and Ms. Dunn

PTA President- Mrs. Meszaros

Children's Guild- Ms. Wolf

Ocupational Therapy- 

ESOL- Ms. Foertsch

Title I- Ms. Bowden

School Psychologist- Mrs. Shaver-Titus

Resource- Ms. Blouin

Office Staff- Mrs. Polinksy and Mrs. Hetterman

Custodial Staff- Ms. Inches, Mr. Muncy, Mr. Sherril, Ms. White

Cafeteria Staff- Mrs. Harding, Ms. Moser