Support Staff

School Counselor- Mrs. Glatz

Nurse- Mrs. Hornbacher

Reading Specialist- Mrs. McDowell

Speech- Mrs. Pramuan

Special Education- Mrs. Whalen, Mrs. Kopf, and Mrs. Winters

MTSS - Mrs. Cohen

Staff Development Teacher- Mrs. Lance

Title I Reading Resource- Mrs. Chavis

Title I Math Resource- Mr. York 

Paraeducators- Ms. Orr, Ms. Knowles, Ms. Nunnally, Mrs. Mackin, and Mrs. Weiser

Additional Assistants- Mrs. Sanders, Mrs. Seymour, Ms. Hudgins, Ms. O'Dair,  and Ms. Harmouche, Mrs. Hung

Social Worker- Ms. Hollern

Occupational Therapy- Ms. Strauss

ESOL- Ms. Kelly

School Psychologist- Mrs. Shaver-Titus

Office Staff- Mrs. Polinksy and Mrs. Hetterman

Custodial Staff- Ms. Misty, Ms. Johnson, and Mr. Sherill

Cafeteria Staff- Mrs. Harding, Mrs. Fritz, Ms. Duprey, Ms. Bingham, Mr. Green, and Ms. Smith

PTA President- Mrs. Pollock